Smokers Herbal Blend (Steep or Smoke)

Smokers Herbal Blend (Steep or Smoke)

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 SMOKERS Blend: 4 oz tin can, Loose Leaf

Mullein: Known to be a lung tonic by loosening mucus in the bronchial for easier mucus expelling. Helps rid of cough as well. Smokes super light & smooth, flavorless.

Mugwort: Produces a very mild psychotropic effect while you’re awake, boosts energy, may induce vivid dreams if smoked before bed. Smokes light, easy, and has a light sweet flavor.

Peppermint: Reduces cravings for nicotine, relaxes the nerves, stimulates blood circulation, clears lung passageways making it easier to breathe. Smokes light, flavorful, fresh.

Eyebright: Relieves cold cough, protects the liver. Smokes a little harsh, lightly sweet flavor

Skullcap: Relieves anxiety, helps with insomnia, lowers fevers, inflammation and allergies.

Coltsfoot: Similar to mullein, soothing on the throat and respiratory tract, helps rid of mucus. Smokes light and airy, flavorless.




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